THE 60+ Project

According to the World Health Organisation, the proportion of the global population over 60 years old will reach 22% by 2050, thanks to healthier lifestyles, advances in medical technology and lower fertility rates. Countries leading this growing Aging Society are Italy, Japan, Greece, Germany and Switzerland, while Thailand's 60+ segment will reach 10.05% of the country's population by 2050.

The Aging Society has its own special needs, and the purchasing power to obtain them. Having foreseen the growth of this market segment, the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, has initiated the 60+ Project to develop new opportunities in foreign markets for Thai manufacturers and service providers. The program includes seminars by experts from many countries such as Italy, Japan, Sweden and the development of products for the 60+ international market to be introduced via its overseas trade mission and international trade shows.

Specific product groups include food & beverages, clothing, accessories, anti-aging beauty products, home furnishings, movement aid products (wheel chairs, canes), medical equipment, electric tools, robots, rescue equipment & health care services, such as specialized clinics, care centers, holistic spas.

Effective marketing to senior citizens

Effective marketing plans start with the assessment of your marketplace, and senior citizens make up a sizeable portion of this demographic. Marketing to seniors involves establishing a relationship, building trust and provideing opportunities for growth, learning and interaction. Seniors are known for developing long-term brand loyalty, so an honest and forthright approach is vital to reaching this important segment of the population.

Use common sense when marketing to the senior demographic. Make sure you recognize the audience for your products and services before investing in a costly marketing strategy.
Honesty and reliability are key factors with seniors. Avoid overly gimmicky marketing approaches with numerous restrictions. While you may lure in seniors initially, you are not likely to keep them as long-term and repeat customers.

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Product Highlight

Cosmetics &<br> Spa Products

Cosmetics & Spa Products

Cosmetics and spa products must focus on anti-aging properties lift the skin, reduce freckles, and smooth face, neck and hands. Ideally they should be made from organic products and herbs to tie into consumer confidence of natural ingredients.

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Innovation <br>Products

Innovation Products

Innovation Products

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Construction <br>Materials

Construction Materials

Persons over 60 spend a lot of time at home, where comfort and safety are essential. Construction materials such as tiles, flooring and sanitary products should be designed for elderly persons. Wash basins must be accessible for those in wheelchairs, with slide-type water taps. Bathrooms and showers must have anti-slip rubber flooring.

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Fashion Clothing for the 60+ segment should be comfortable to wear and made from natural fiber fabrics with special features such as anti-bacterial, carbon fiber. Jewelry, bags and shoes need to be lightweight, easy to maintain and make the user look younger.

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Food &<br>Beverages

Food &Beverages

To Promote healthy diets, food products should combine balanced nutrition, natural ingredients and essential nutrients in easy-to-open packages, enough for a single meal. Food should be easy to chew and swallow, especially for those with dental problems. Another popular group is vitamins and supplements.

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Furniture & <br> Household

Furniture & Household

Furniture and household goods should be designed to meet the physical challenges of senior peaple - adjustable beds, firm mattresses, wooden chairs with a backrest and handles/arms on the side to assist during sitting and standing, pillows for seniors.

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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Health products and medical devices to facilitate the movement of 60+ persons, such as electric wheelchairs, small electric cars, robots, remote controls to reduce body movements. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices must offer a better quality of life such as electric massage chairs, games and puzzles to engage the mind.

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Services <br>for Grand Geneartion

Services for Grand Geneartion

Hospitals and health care centers for elderly are quite prevalent today. However, properties specially built for seniors such as condominiums or villa resorts and tourism for seniors have high potential. They have free time and purchasing power.

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